Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Let's Start it up Everybody!!!

So here we go! :) Who's up for the weight loss challenge? I'm going to make a page for the challenge and post up all the stats so we can all stay motivated and accountable. Check out (Size) Zero Intentions to see who else is in, and see who you're competing with. So here are my starting stats 5'8''  133lbs BMI= 20.2 Wow I feel so damn fat posting up that number. I hate being above 19. I hope to be at 129 by monday. I think it's totally possible, because that my weight after majorly binging last night on candy and chips.  Than my BMI will be at 19.6 and I can feel light again. I think for this first week of the weight loss challenge my strategy will be to only eat fruit, veggies, and a tiny bit of lean dairy. Absolutely no meat, bread, candy, pasta, cake, cookies, or anything of the sort. Hopefully I can make it through. I'm tempted to do my apple and coffee/ zero cal energy drink fast. I lost 11lbs in 10 days on that, and I really really want to do it again. thats a 1.1 lb per day loss, so I could lose 7.7 lbs in a week and be at 125.3 ... If only , if only. Any way, fill me in on your stats and let's get this competition started!!! Oh by the way, what should I offer up as a prize?


  1. Height: 5'5
    Weight: 129.5lb
    BMI: 21.5

    I posted it on SizeZeroIntentions too, but I'll post it here too. I'm so excited for this. I went out and stocked up on caffeine pills, green and mint tea and stuff like that so I can seriously put my all into this weight loss.
    Good luck.

  2. 5'6" 51.3kg bmi of 18.3 I think :)
    Really hoping this will get me out of my beer and popcorn binge! Xx

  3. 5'6" and horrid 173.2 this morning...

  4. Hey I also posted on Size Zero Intentions but I'm so excited I'll post here too!
    BMI: 18.6

  5. H: 5'8"
    W: 170.19 lb
    BMI: 25.8

  6. H': 169cm (5'6.5)
    W. 124lbs (56.4?kg)

  7. ps how many apples did you have a day on your apple/coffee fast? ive recently fallen in love apples (without their skins - why cant they make skinless apples?)

  8. I would start the day with a zero calorie Monster energy drink. Then, I would eat between 3-5 green apples each day because they were my favorite and the sourness makes me not hungry :)I love apples so much.