Friday, August 17, 2012

My Apoligies

  First of all, let me say I'm so so so sorry. My internet has been on the fritz and I haven't been able to post anything at all :( Comment on this post with your weigh in please! :) I really need to update the contest page. I promise to post every day. Classes start Monday, and I have a pretty big space between two of them, so I'll have lots of free time to post. So, I worked really hard last week, and got down to 130.8! Soooo close to my first goal weight. Then I lost it and totally binged ( and purged :/ ) like crazy for 2 days. My weight shot up to 137.8.  I was absolutely disgusted with myself, so I fasted all yesterday and worked my ass off. I weighed in this morning at 132. I guess I was retaining a lot of water. I think I might keep fasting today as well then eat very very light ( under 700) Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully I can get under 130 by the Monday weigh in. Please update and let me know how things are going.


  1. It's Monday weigh ins right? Mine was 51kg flat, bmi of 18.1 I think :) x

  2. This weeks stats;

    Weight 74.7kg (164.68 lb)
    BMI: 25

    -2.5kg (5.51 lb)

  3. Hey, my weeks have been like that, I lose weight, gain it, lose it again - it's crazy! It sounds like you have it sorted it out now though. I am just sticking to fruit and veg today but I think I've messed up this week pretty bad. Good luck with weigh in tomorrow dear :)
    Alice xx

  4. Mine are identical to before. I hate myself. Sorry this is crazy late and disappointing.