Friday, February 17, 2012

Long Lost Friend

  I missed this! Powering through a day on absolutely zero. I'm going to say I started at midnight because I'm not really sure when I stopped eating last night. It is almost 8PM now, so I'm at 20 hours, no food. Whoo Hoo! I went grocery shopping and picked up somethings for my fruit and veggies fast. This is going to be epic. I predict 8-12 lbs lost (3.6-5.4 kgs) So, after pigging out all last night and eating like 10 boneless hot wings, 3 mozarella sticks, nachos, onion rings, and redvelvet cake, I weighed 133lbs. (60.3) WTF!? I am disgusting. In ten days, I will weigh 124lbs (56.2)  at most. The most weight I ever lost in 10 days was 11lbs (4.99 kg) That was without trying too hard, messing up a lot, and eating mainly apples and yogurt and salads.  I wish I could repeat that amazing weight loss again. I would love to get down do 122lbs in ten days! That is the lowest "healthy weight" for my height. Why is this so exciting? Haha :) Is anybody else doing the fruit and veggies fast? Also, does anybody have yummy ways to use tofu? I've never tried it before lol. Stay strong lovlies <3 Sunshine


  1. 11lbs in ten days is amazing!!! I get stoked losing a pound in that amount of time! best of luck

  2. you can do it!! wish you the best of luck! stay strong dear. and remember... "you'll never regret NOT eating!"