Saturday, February 18, 2012


 This summer, probably in late May/early June, I am going to visit my friend in Italy!!! I'm super excited, because I've never left the country before. I need to work really hard saving money so that I can go. The ticket could cost between $900-1500 depending on when I go. I also want to have about 1000 in my bank just in case for savings and spending. Soooo, I need to come up with about $2500 in 13 weeks. Lets see, my paychecks are going to give me about 600 lol Waitresses do not get paid well. Also, I'll make about 150 in tips per weekend so that's about 2000, but I have to buy groceries and gas and pay for gymnastics. Ugh Maybe I should go later in the summer lol I'll figure it out. My birthday is in April, so hopefully, I can just ask for money for the trip for my birthday. This is sooo exciting!!! First weigh in = 132.4 Down .6lbs I am very disappointed with myself to be quite honest. I think my period is making me retain water like crazy. My stomach looks so nasty and bloated. I can't wait until its over. Ugh only two more days hopefully. I think my weigh in tomorrow will be a lot better. If I only lose .6lbs per day, I'll still be down 6lbs, but it's not good enough. Being 127 is not good enough. I can't believe it's taking me so long to get down to my 3rd goal weight of 125. I really want that sport bra and those running shorts for my race on March 17. UGHHHHHHHH Get off of my body disgusting fat.


  1. Oo your trip sounds great and I'm sure you can get the money in time :) but heck, that's an expensive ticket!
    Lottie x

  2. Italy! Ive always wanted to go there. And i feel ya on the period i find it hard to restrict my intake and it seems extra hard to lose any weight that week. But you can do it. 127 would be awesome!

  3. Good luck!(:
    My friend, formerly a gymnast, started a blog recently. Shes not an Ana, but she is trying to lose weight... She needs some motivation and understanding. I thought since you're a gymnast, you might be willing to... well.. you know, just leave a sweet comment here and there maybe? Or follow her.. Just let her know she isnt alone? <3