Friday, February 24, 2012

I Wonder

  Yet another late night binge. Crackers, chicken, and summer rolls. Not the worst food I could have had, but still. Had 1 egg(100), american cheese (100) potatoes (200) and fried rice (250) = 650 + my binge. Idk how much I ate for real lol. And the irony is, I wake up lighter, again. 128.6. I can't help but wonder how much less I would have weighed without the binge. At least a pound, maybe 1.5 idk. Good news is, it's Friday, so I 'm fasting. I have work for 6 hours tonight, yay, but, lots of walking and lifting= lots of calories burned :) I'm down 4.4 lbs about 2kg. I have today, tomorrow, Sunday, Monday, and I guess I weigh in Tuesday morning. So far I've lost an average of .63lbs per day, which sucks big time. According to this calculation, my total weight loss will be 6.3lbs putting me at 126.7 :/ after Tuesday, I'm not going to weigh in so often I think. Just once a week.


  1. srsly ur so lucky! I wish i cud lose like that! Even w. major restriction sometimes I cnt even b certain for weight loss! Good luck w. the fast! Stay strong<3

  2. That's excellent about the loss hun, well done!
    Good luck with the fast!

    Si xx

  3. You are so strong!!! We're only human, so binges happen! I admire your strength!!!!