Thursday, February 16, 2012

Epic Fail

You can always tell when I'm not doing well with my plans because then i go MIA for long periods of time. I'm starting up again tomorrow. My problem is late night binges and mother fucking processed foods and carbs. Ugh. Because I can not control myself, I will cut it all out. From now on only non packages foods. This means fruits and veggies. the only packaged food I can have is yogurt. I am ashamed of myself, but the weight has not gone up too much. I am not going to weigh myself until a week from tomorrow. I have to be at 127 or I will fast until I am. I blame period bloat for part of this, but in the end I just need to be stricter with myself.  On a different note, my mom hasn't talked to me in like 6 months and now all of the sudden she wants to meet up so we can talk and she can give me Christmas presents, valentines day gifts, money and my graduation present. Ummm I graduated from high school almost 2 years ago and I still lived with my parents then. WTF She's a crazy lady, but I'm not going to turn down money. I know that sounds horrible, but she's a surgeon, so she can afford to share the wealth. the only catch is we have to go out to dinner... ugh that means eat fatty food and I can't yell at her. Well that's not very fun now is it? That's why I'm starting my cleanse tomorrow. I'll probably honey water fast tomorrow to clean myself out a bit. On a happy note, I ran a 5k this weekend and got second place for my age group. because it was a race for Mardi Gras I got beads, a big shiny medal, a t-shirt, a prize pack from supplement super store, and a book of food vouchers for the food festival. The prize pack is supposed to be stuffed full of a bunch of nutrition goodies. I just have to go pick it up tomorrow to see what I got. For now, I'm done ranting. I have a new goal for myself though. Thigh gap by March 17th. That's St.Patrick's day, and with any luck (haha) I'll see results. I'm going to take thigh picks each week so I can see my progress. How has everybody been? Any exciting updates? <3 sunshinechild

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  1. I tend to avoid this place to if I am not doing so hot, I wonder why we do that?? lol. Thanks for the comment I have no idea what thighs you are all looking at because there is one a tiny part not stuck together like a huge cal sandwich right at the very top lol. good luck on your cleanser and restriction let us know how it is going.