Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My New Exercise Plan

I need to start consistently exercising so heres my new plan.
Weights 20min= 100cal
Stationary Bike 20min= 150
Walking 30min= 150
Gymnastics= 350

Weights 30min=150cal
Swimming 30min= 200
Soccer 60min= 450
Total= 800

Wednesday= Same as Monday

Abs 30min=100cal

Weights 30min=150cal
Swimming 30min= 200
Total= 450

Weights 20min= 100cal
Stationary Bike 20min= 150
Walking 30min= 150
Abs 30min= 100cal
Total= 500cal

Abs 60min=200
Jump roping 40min= 400
Weights 40min= 200cal
Running 60min=600

OK so my BMR is 1499. That's just the calories my body uses to stay alive each day. 
10493 From BMR
4650 From Working Out
At least 15143 Calories burned per week

I will eat less than 1000 each day
7x 1000= 7000
15143-7000= 8143 calorie deficit
S0 theoretically I would lose at least 2 pounds per week and in the 7 week of this contest thats only 14 pounds lost making me still 5 pounds above my goal weight :/ BUT, if I stay well below the 1000 calorie limit, the weight should come off faster :) I hope this all works out I would love to lose 4 pounds per week :) That would put me right around my goal weight and I would be soooooo happy!!!! I'm determined to get this done


  1. good luck with your plan, i'm always figuring math out like that. sometimes its satisfying to know you can actually eat so much! as long as you control bingeing

  2. Can I give you my stats tomorrow? My mother made ​​me promise her yesterday that I would not weigh myself today. And the scales are in her room ... So sneaking behind her back is not an option ...

  3. Zane: It drives me crazy. All the time I'm calculating things in my head . Constantly going over it again and again trying to figure out exactly what I'm taking in and exactly what I'm burning. It drives me crazy.

    Nele:Of course you can! :)