Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm So Glad I Have You

So I was at my boyfriends parents house hanging out with him and his brother. We had all just gotten out of gymnastics and we were all really hungry. They're boys, so of course they can eat whatever they please and keep their six packs and waistlines. His brother pulled this chocolate triple layer torte from Trader Joe's out of the fridge and cut themselves huge slices while I read the nutritional information out loud. So many calories and grams of fat!!! No thank you! They kept pestering me to eat some, so in the end I cut myself the thinnest slice ever. Seriously, it was like 2mm wide. I started to pick off tiny chunks from the bottom part of the cake, avoiding the icing on the top layer when my boyfriend says
"You look awfully fat eating that cake"

 I immediately walked over to him and put the rest of my slice on his plate. He was joking around, but I felt just horrible and knew he was right. Why did I even cut myself a slice? I should have just put it away and never looked back. O well, at least he saved me from doing some major damage.


  1. That was really not nice of him to say, but at least you didn't eat it. Thanks for the email back, I'm being reminded more and more everyday why I keep this up<3

  2. He may have saved you from eating that cake but, really, that's most asshole way to do it. =( Idk, i know it's not my place to say it but, boys who abuse girls like that even unintentionally aren't worth dating because they can do some pretty bad psych damage.

  3. WHOA! It's not like that at all! He was trying to be funny because I was just picking at the cake barely eating it at all. By saying that, he was calling me out on how ridiculous I was being about the cake. Honestly, he was just being funny.

  4. Ugh my boyfriend does that to me all the time. Whenever I start eating/snacking (and he knows I barely ever eat) he says "whoa slow down!!!" and it always makes me feel bad and stop. He doesn't know how little I eat (currently at ~300 cals a day), because then obviously he wouldn't tease me about it, but still--I must look like a fatty snacking away for him to be prompted to say that so I guess it's good that it makes me stop...