Friday, April 8, 2011

Attention All Contestants!

Heyyy guess what? It's...
 :) That means I need your stats ASAP!! Either email them to me at or comment on this post.
Thank you bunches,


  1. Hi :)
    141 lbs.
    it was kinda a rough week...

  2. week 1: 156.5Ibs. I suck. Hopefully the other girls and you did a better job...

  3. i need to change my start weight to 126!! because i was 119 and then binged a lot!!!! as you can tell, so i was actually 126 last friday. and i'm now 120 woo.

  4. 149...... I suck
    but then I was sick...
    no excuses tho

  5. April 1: 128
    April 8: 126
    Week 1: -2 lbs

  6. 148. My only excuses are that I'm full of water and this is comparing an evening weight to a morning weight. Need to remember to do this in the mornings...

  7. 156....super bummed....I was down 3.5 pounds....and then the period bloat decided to set in...I hate being female sometimes...

  8. 106. Yuck. Yeah, at the begining of the week a had a binge so my start weight was actually more like 111, and I spent all of this week trying to get back to 105 :/
    Next week will be better :)