Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 1 of the 2-4-6-8 diet, 200 calories

1:53 PM I l haven't eaten anything yet. I need to walk to the store on campus to get some fruit, probably strawberries because they are so lo cal.
3:12 PM still haven't eaten yet. I walked to the store and bought some strawberries and some water melon. It's so convenient because they are already washed and the watermelon is already cut up. Also, they are sold in 1 cup containers, making portion control easy. I also bout a big bottle of smart water. I'm doing laundry now, and I think I might have some of the watermelon. All together the watermelon has 46 calories and the strawberries have and the strawberries have about 50. Only 96 calories for 2 cups of fruit!!!! :)
5:06 pm I only ate the watermelon and chewed a piece of gum. So that's 48.5 calories. I am going with some friends over to au bon pain to get some soup for dinner. There Is this really low cal mediterainina pepper soup that only has like 127 calories and it is filling.
6:53pm Good news!!! The soup only had 100 calories!
That puts me at 148.5 calories for the day!!!!!!

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