Friday, July 4, 2014

Whisper, Whisper

There's a boy at work, a few years younger than me, that has the hots for me. He's cute and all, but very obnoxious and immature at times. I'm not interested.  He certainly is, and he wants to know all about me, asking things like, " Are you ok? Did you eat today? What did you eat? Does that mean you really didn't eat?" He knows nothing about my ED stuff, and he's already suspicious. Probably from the time he stole my phone at work to look at my pics and saw all the thigh gap/ rib shot pics I take in the mirror. 

The girls at work don't ask me, but rather ask each other about me, and wonder if they should believe their eyes. "Is she losing weight? Does she look thinner to you?" Good thing our work uniforms are pretty concealing. They've got no proof :)

In honor of the 4th of July and our independence , I am freeing myself from the scales and from calories for a week. I will be allowed family dinner on Sunday evening and a small, under 300 cal something before Gymnastics practice so I have energy not to faint. I want someone to outright ask me if I've lost weight. On July 11, a very special day :), I will be at 123. 

We can achieve amazing things with a sheer will to resist, stars in our eyes, and an empty tummy at bed time.

Question: What is the most magical thing about summer to you?

For me, it's being part of "The Wave" at a baseball game. Idk why but seeing it come together successfully gives me such a good feeling, and brings a sparkle to my eye lol

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  1. I love how girls will never ask directly to your face! Because we don't like confrontation etc...
    Fingers crosses for July 11th!
    The most wonderful thing about summer, is going swimming outside! (except the whole bikini part :S)