Friday, July 4, 2014

Skip Dinner, Wake up Thinner

Isn't it crazy how easy it is to skip breakfast and lunch, but then dinner and beyond is torture? I'm making myself a little thinspo post to keep my mind on the right track so I wake up empty. I need to start posting my intake again. That way I can be shamed away from eating.

Breakfast: Weight control oatmeal (160)
Snack: Baguette (150)

Lunch: Banana chips/dehydrated strawberry mix (200)
           Probiotic trail mix (150)
           Cottage cheese w/ berries (130)

Dinner: Water (0)

Total: 840 :( Better than 900, right?

Has She Been Eating?
I'll stop when i'm thin i promise.
I wish..

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  1. OMG this post! totally saved my day :) xox
    but seriously I love how easy it is to skip eating all day, until it comes to sitting down with people for dinner :( grrrr

  2. I just found your blog & LOVED your thinspo. Definitely makes not eating a bit easier & undesirable. Your intake was amazing, & you ate foods that are nutritious, not anything bad or unhealthy, keep it up! I'm trying to find more friends to follow their blogs on here and give each other motivation to keep going & lose the weight!
    Keep posting & keep in touch! <3