Saturday, July 26, 2014

I'm so Melodramatic

Step right up!
Binge and Purge, Starve and carve.
Walk away slowly, 
only to come running back.
Clinging to the bars.
Standing at the gates of this demented carnival,
The freak show 
Sucked in by the merry go round of thoughts,
spinning out of

The games are crooked.
The fun house mirrors lie.
Silly girl,
You know the real magic lies 
behind the curtain
Beckoning forward with grin and bending finger
But wait! 
There's a price if you'd like to see inside. 
It must be written in the flesh.

 I pay with my soul.
The temptation irresistible.
I want to levitate. 
saw me in half.
Make me disappear before their eyes. 
You'll have me swallowing swords and spitting fire.
Come one come all!
See the amazing shrinking girl!
The bearded lady's got nothing on me.

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