Monday, June 9, 2014


       I've never really been able to maintain my weight loss like this before. Usually I'll drop 5, put on 2, drop 3, put on 4, drop 2... Get the picture? It's maddening really. I suffer and push myself for days to get results, only to give in, have a massive junk binge, and be left frustrated and disappointed in myself. I've been restricting like crazy, but still enjoying treats. I'm letting myself each pretty much anything besides a lot of refined sugar, but in tiny portions. 

Here's what I ate yesterday:
Breakfast~ a handful of raspberries, a small handful of Kashi shredded wheat cereal dry, and peppermint tea
Lunch~ a few salad croutons, a Quaker granola bar
Snack~ 7 circus peanut candies, 4 salt water taffies
Dinner~ Cauliflower, a pork steak, two rib tips
Dessert~ 40 cal fudge pop, a handful of unsalted peanuts

I know that all sounds horrible, but Sunday I let up a little because I have to visit my family, and have family dinner. I told my dad yesterday that I needed to buy new work pants, because I've been using the same ones for quite a while, and they are falling off of me ( US size 7) I can pull the waist on these babies like 4 inches. I work at a restaurant, and we have to wear black pant, black pants, black shoes, black everything. I told him I thought that the pants were probably super worn and stretched out from being worn 4 days a week for the past few years. He then responded with, " I think it's because you've dropped a ton of weight."
Of course I responded with this gem, " No I haven't! I've just tightened up a lot from working out." Crisis averted lol  I need to start being careful about what I talk about. No more drawing attention to my weight loss. I always want to point it out to people to see if they notice. The good thing is, I always tell people I weigh 127 since I started high school. Little do they know, I was actually up at 143 at one point...

Even after all that crap yesterday, I still weighed in 126.6 :D BMI 19.2!
I can't wait until my bmi is in the 18 range, but I have to be under 125 for that to happen
Once I get there I'll post more pics
<3 Sunshine


  1. Ahhhhh babe! you are doing so well! I am so proud! 117 will be amazing for you!! xx

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