Thursday, September 27, 2012

Turning Over a New Leaf

    Now that Autumn is here it's time to turn over a new leaf ( Pun fully intended) These past few months, I've learned that if I give myself any sort of leeway , then I completely lose control. SOOO, from here on out, I will have everysinglefreakingmeal planned out before the day even begins. I am so irritated with myself lately. I'll restrict all day, and then as soon as 10PM comes around, all hell breaks loose. Monday-Wednesday, I have gymnastics from 5:30-10:00, so after gymnastics, from now on, no eating. On Thursday and Friday, I work from 5PM- 10PM, so again, no eating once I get home. Saturday, I work all day 10AM- 10PM No eating after work. Sunday, I work 10AM- 4PM and then I go to Mass from 5-6ish. Sunday is the day that I visit my family, so I will just have dinner with them, and that is it. So basically, if I want to eat, it has to be before 5PM except on Sundays. I need to regain control over myself big time. Today, I am fasting all day, until I wake up in the morning. I should probably fast tomorrow as well... Let's see how day one goes, and I'll move on from there. I've just got to take this one day at a time.  <3 Stay strong

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