Thursday, September 27, 2012

Meet Season

Meet season is starting up soon for gymnastics, so everyone is paranoid about getting everything perfect and cutting weight before the first meet, November10th. Some very taumatizing things were said this week. Ok so, traumatizing thing #1, I got up on the low bar and was going to the high bar and this little tiny 8 year old girl says to me, "Geeze, don't break the bar!" Seriously!? I'm sorry that I'm not 3ft tall and 42lbs. STFU. Traumatizing thing #2  This was said by another  girl on the team that was staring at me " It's so weird. Your stomach is so flat and tiny and then your thighs are so big." I about died from embarrassment  but my coach came in and saved me from hitting her by saying, " It's because she actually has strong muscles in her legs" oooh you should have seen the way her face changed from a mocking know it all smile to angry face. Ha! She's like 12 years old and in that stage of life where she thinks she's all that, and I'm glad somebody put her in her place. Traumatizing thing #3 said by the head coach to all of us, " All of your strength moves will be a lot easier if you cut some weight. Think about it. Less weight your muscles have to support, especially for our taller girls." Then he looked right at me and another girl. And the final traumatizing thing. We were working on a drill where we stacked up mats so they were angled downward at about 45 degree angle. We had to do a hand stand then snap our feet down and do 2 back hand springs down the hill. The little girls had no problem with this but the bigger girls had a little bit of trouble. The coach put a stiffer mat over the squishy mat and suddenly things were a lot easier for the big girls but harder for the smaller girls. He then explained that the squishy mat was harder to do them on for the bigger girls because we sank into the mat instead of bouncing off of it, but we had more leg muscle so we could do it off of the harder surface easier. All I heard was, you're too heavy to do this drill properly so we had to bring in a harder mat for you to do it off of. :/ Oh well just more motivation to cut weight fast. <3 Stay strong

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  1. Ignore that stupid little girl. I'm sure your legs are amazing. Seriously, plus she said how flat your stomach is. You must be in amazing shape to be a gymnast. Don't even think about what that idiot said, I'm glad your teacher put her in her place.
    Hope you're okay. Take care.