Thursday, September 27, 2012

Jealous Bitch Alert!

Hello lovely readers. You know how sometimes people leave horribly mean and rude comments on your blog, and you think it's probably best to just ignore or delete the comment? I prefer to call them out and set them straight. If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times, If you do not approve of  pro-ana blogs or weight loss blogs, get the hell away from my site! Seriously, if you don't like what I'm doing,then why are you browsing through my page? Here is the post that was commented on if you want to check it out. This is what was said,                            AnonymousSeptember 26, 2012 9:23 AM
"You are waaay too skinny and you look like you have some type of eating disorder. 50 years ago, men would have avoided you like the plague because you look sickly.

Gain some weight."                                                                                                                                            And here was my response, SunshinechildSeptember 27, 2012 12:19 PM

"First of all, stay off my blog if you only have negative things to say. Secondly, I'm at a healthy weight for my height, so any medical professional would not tell me I need to gain weight. 3rd of all, 50 years ago was 1962, the beginning of models having super slim bodies, so I'm pretty sure men would not have " avoided me like the plague" Finally, if I do have "some type of eating disorder" do you really think that you saying hurtful things about my body is going to help? Have a nice day! "            I think it's so damn funny because first of all, they comment anonymously because they are too afraid to put who they really are. Secondly, I know they just want to get a response out of me and want to hurt my feelings, so they will check back to see if I said anything. Well you know what, it does hurt my feelings that people are so mean and jealous, but it will not change my outlook on life or what I am doing. Their comments are falling on deaf ears. Also, I'm pretty sure they were probably looking up something on google about weight loss and that's how they came across my blog. Dear anonymous comment leaver, I'm sorry that you're overweight and unhappy with your body shape. If you want some help losing the extra pounds, I'd be more than happy to give any advice that I can, but I have no time for your insults and hurtful words. There is only room for positive comments here. If you don't like what I do or say, then get off of my blog. I hope you check back here and read this and take a really close look at yourself before you start judging others. Any time you wish to apologize, I'll be here waiting patiently. <3


  1. It's the damn nerve that people really think they have the right to say such a thing. I'm guessing it was probably a woman, envious, who read one post of yours and assumed she knew you. People are so judgemental and critical and it's absolutely pathetic *suppresses major rant* Good for you though on telling her where she stands!! xx

  2. Thank you for posting this


  3. I seriously hate people who comment things like that. I mean who are they to come along and judge others on something they know nothing about.
    Do they not realise that having 'some type of eating disorder' is a serious thing, and telling someone they will be 'avoided like the plague' is the most horrific thing you can say to someone with already low self esteem.
    I get so angry by those comments, well done for your reply. No one should have to put up with things like that on the one place where they can be honest about their feelings.
    I hope you're okay.

  4. God how vile,rude nd jealous ppl can get, i saw ur pic..u r lukng good, not at all absurd..
    btw i stumbled upon ur blog..nd thought how on earth i was missing on ths fab & interesting blog.
    u can check out mine, its not that good though :!