Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I'm Home!!!

  Hello everybody!!! Guess who's home from Europe :) This girl <3 Ohhhhh I am so happy to be back. I can't wait to tell you all about my wonderful adventures and to share all of my pictures. Wow there is so much to say and show that I'm a little intimidated my the task honestly. I will have to do this all in installments because nearly a month of adventures is too hard to recount at one time, and I don't want to cut anybody short. Some good news though. The other night, when I first arrived home, my boyfriend and I binged like crazy on Italian candy. Now you may be wondering, how can a binge be a positive thing? Well, it led to a conversation about eating really healthy and getting super strong for the upcoming gymnastics season. I told him we should get really serious about our nutrition, and he was like " ya that sounds like a really good idea, but if I got us eating super healthy, it would be so strict that you wouldn't be able to take it." My response " challenge accepted!" So now it's suddenly ok to obsess about food and exercise and to write down all of my food and exercise in a journal. Without hiding it! My boyfriend is really serious about gymnastics, so if he sees this as me trying to get really serious about training, then he won't question at all what I'm doing :D I am super stoked! Please please, update me on what's been going on in your lives <3 I feel so disconnected


  1. I hope you had fun in Europe, love! It sounds amazing. I've never been, but I want to, more than anything lol.
    You're lucky that your boyfriend is like that! My doctor just put me on a diet, and boyfriend thinks its dumb...
    Keep strong, lady! And keep updating! I wanna know how you're doing!

  2. that is awesome! and i cant wait to see all of your pictures! ee!