Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It Just Makes Sense

I have decided to do the Russian gymnast diet for a week.  I am going to modify it a little bit though.  Because I don't like juice very much, breakfast with be 2 small green apples. Lunch will be fresh fruit, and on the days I have gymnastics, a small protein source, like eggs, turkey, tuna, or some nuts. Dinner with be water and an apple. On the all fruit days, calories should be around 400, and on the day with protein, it will be around 550. Lets see, I will have 4 gym days and 3 not gym days. Thats 1650 + 1200 = 2850 calories for this week and about 1600( BMR) x 7 = 11,200 + ( 800 x 4 ) workout calories =14,400 burned this week.  14,400- 2850 = 11,550 negative calories this week which equals 3.3 lbs I should lose, but I guess that I will lose around 5 lbs, because thats how it always seems to work out when I eat a lot of apples. Right now, I'm at 133 ( I hate period binges) and I want to be at 127 by the end of this. Wish me luck! Anybody want to do this diet with me?


  1. Good luck, I'm sure it will go brilliantly :)
    Lottie x

  2. I'll do it with you, I don't eat meat so I'll have to adapt a bit too but it sounds good! When are you starting <3

  3. Good luck! I have faith in you! =)

  4. haha i literally just made the decision to do a modified version of this diet two days ago! Hilarious! Great minds think alike.