Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Stress= Relief

Hello beautiful readers!!

How are you all doing on this glorious day?
I'm typing this post on my laptop while riding an exercise bike at the gym, and I'm getting some funny looks.
That's ok though, at least I'm not getting as many looks as the sweaty guy in short shorts on the treadmill singing Adele between gasps of air. He's actually very entertaining to watch, because you can tell his doesn't give two shits about the people staring. Anyways...

Wow, so my classes this semester are all very reading intensive. I have to read basically a chapter or two each week, about 30 pages per chapter, for each class, and make chapter outlines. So what is that, like 300 pages each week? Yikes! Good thing my Psych Stat book has lots of pictures, practice problems, charts, and diagrams lol That basically cuts the actual text I'm reading in half.
I am just so absorbed with homework, and it's only day 3.
I just wish my f'ing planner would arrive, or at least ship! lol Stupid Lilly Pulitzer

The good thing is, the stress takes away any appetite I have, or maybe it's all the coffee...
Either way, I'm loving it!
I've probably had about 2000 calories the past 3 days, and I've been working out more at home to "relieve the stress" Translation: make my cals as negative as possible for the day.

Oh, and my bf is just so understanding :) 

"I'm hungry!"
"Here, let me make you dinner, and I'll get something once I finish my work. I don't want to break my concentration"
" You're such a good girlfriend!"

The beast gets fed, and he loves watching me do school work. 
He said it makes him proud. Dinner and a show lol

I won't weigh in until Sunday morning, but expect great news!!
I can see more bones than ever :)
A little girl on my gymnastics team pointed out the fact that you could see where my spine sticks out because of the line of sweat dots going down the back of my shirt during warm up lol

For all you college students, have you started class yet?
How are things going?

<3 Sunshine

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