Monday, May 26, 2014

Summer Sweetness

Hello :) I'm back

It's finally summer, so I have time to post again. Everything is so crazy lately, but I've found peace within myself. I get so excited now whenever I feel the hunger pains set it. 

My little diet plan didn't work so well, but that's ok. I'm still losing, slowly but surely. I'm under 128 currently, simply from restricting. 

I can not wait to see 125 flat. Everything in my being is pushing for that right now.

Only almonds, and salad, and grilled chicken today. All teeny tiny portions.

I miss you posts and comments, but I will be catching up and commenting tonight. Expect a full proper post with picture updates and measurements tomorrow :)
XoXo Sunshine

1 comment:

  1. Happy to have you back and so glad you're working for your goal....hope everything is fine. Please come and visit my blog whenever you want :)