Tuesday, January 28, 2014

An Apple a Day...


      So, here I stand before you, head hung in shame. I'm feeling lost and out of control with my eating. I am on my period, so I'm probably being very dramatic about all of this, but enough is enough! I made myself a promise that until family dinner on Sunday, nothing but water, tea, fruit and veg shall pass these lips. I literally will not let another damn thing enter. I told myself this morning that this is my final chance. If I can't maintain this for 5 days, then it's no food at all for me. I'm planning on dropping ten pounds by Monday. I know that sounds ridiculous or crazy, but I'm retaining a whole lot of water, so probably half of what I lose will be that damn water weight, and hopefully the terrible bloating will go away. 
         I'll probably have around 500 cal per day x 5= 2,500 intake. I'm gonna be conservative on the output and say I burn about 2000 per day (I'm super active so it's probably a little higher) x 5= 10,000. So that's a deficit of -1,500 per day or -8,000 calories over 5 days. So, at least 2 real pounds of pure fat will be gone, plus whatever water weight comes out. After this little fruit fast, I am going to make a serious dietary change. I want to try and adopt a mostly vegan diet, but I won't push it in front of my family or BF, so they don't ask questions. So, vegan whenever I'm alone, and as vegetarian as possible around people, but I'm not going to tell them my secret. Oh I pray that I can regain control of my life and be as healthy as possible. 

         If I can just shove a bunch of pure low cal vitamins and minerals down my throat for two weeks, I know I'll feel so great. Hopefully once my nutrition gets back on track, I can then focus on incorporating more cardio workouts into my life, and achieve optimum health.

Until 120 XoXo,

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  1. It sounds like you've got a good plan in place my dear. I believe that you can stick to it if you believe in yourself. I'm rooting for you dear. Stay strong and stay healthy.