Friday, October 5, 2012

Current Obsession

So, lately I've become more obsessed than usual with getting thigh gap. I don't know why, but I am absolutely obsessed with it lol So I am currently sitting at 132lbs. BMI 20.1. I picked up this horrible habit the past few months of smoking at night an then binging like crazy. Well, I say no more. I've been restricting like crazy for 1 week now, and I brought my weight down from 137.4. I know I can do this is I keep pushing. I mean, losing 5.4lbs in one week from restricting? That's awesome! The key here is to just keep pushing and never binge like that again. I'm serious, I would starve myself all day and then lose it at night and seriously eat like a half pizza, a sandwich, yogurt, chips, rice, bread, candy, seriously, I gained 8 lbs in one night once. Most of it was probably food weight, but it still made me feel horrible. Anyways, I'm back on track now, and I will not lose my focus. I have a family function on the 14th, so that gives me 9 days. Apparently I need 2200 calories per day to maintain my weight. I will be 129 or less by then. That's -3lbs. (-10,500 calories) Divide that by 9 = -1200 per day. I can eat up to 1000 per day, but I'm gonna stick to 700 per day. That will give me a daily deficit of 1,500 x 9days =  13,500/ 3,500= -3.87lbs. I could be at 128 by then :) Honestly though, I could lose 5lbs by then. 127 ahhhhh.... I am obsessed. Sorry for all the mathematics  It soothes me lol Today I had 1/2 cup blueberries (42) and 10 medium strawberries (50). I might have some soup for lunch (160) So that would bring me to 252 calories for the day but I'll round up to 300 just to be safe. So that's -1900, tomorrow I'll have around 500 because I work all day so that's -1700, Sunday will be around 700 so I'll have - 1,500. For the weekend, that's a gran total of -5,100 or 1.45lbs. I would love to be 130 by Monday morning. Well, time for me to stop obsessing. I'm going to catch up on blog reading and do some abs before work. Stay strong lovlies <3


  1. Maths soothes me too. The problem is my body doesn't seem to get with the program. It doesn't always follow the maths. I wish it did. Good luck honey, you'll be fine. In 9 days you can most definitely loose those 3 pounds. <3

  2. Maths is so soothing. Like I have control over everything/
    Good luck sweetheart and take care.

  3. Wish you good luck as well! I already replied to your comment - thanks for that again! :D Good you're back in control an working it even harder. I know those slips and how much they hurt afterwards. Don't let that happen to you again! Stay strong! It's for you honey :) And if you starve hard and train harder - nothing will cross your way!!
    Good for you to aim for such a great body when your family seems like they don't so much.. Xx

    1. PS: Gonna get your brand new lap top soon! ;)

  4. That's exactly what I am doing at the moment, fasting all day and then smoking at night and losing it and binging. So awful.
    I'm glad you got back on track, 5.4lbs in one week is awesome :) I hope I can lose this extra weight too. Take care <3
    Alice xx

  5. amazing loss girlie!! inspiration!!