Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Reasons to Starve

Heyyy!! My clothes are getting loose :) just so ya know. Soooo Im going to the sea on Thursday and the Rome on Friday. That means tomorrow , Im going to eat as light as i can. I wish I could fast but its so hard with the Italians watching :/ I walk like 6 or more hours per day now so Im burning a lot off. Probably eating about 1000 per day according to lose it. I will post a full body pic from the sea on Thursday. i am so close to thigh gap that i can feel it. The bones are getting easier to see especially the spine. Soooo Im so so excited. P.s. I've met a lot of analysis girls here. Great thinspo :D I love you all


  1. I'm going to rome too, on tuesday! I hope you have an amazing time there <3

  2. Great work! Nothing is more beautiful than a thigh gap. Looking forward for the progress photos ^^

  3. I love Rome. I just love Italy. I'm so jealous.

    6 hours walking?! You're crazy. I've just taken up hiking and I did over 6 miles. I felt great. Though, I only just started again this week, I did 2.7 miles yesterday and today I was like, "It's cool, I'll just add a bit and do a 3 miler." In the end I was enjoying it so much I was like, "Well, might as well keep going for a little while..." so I did. I feel fabulous, darling.


  4. Nothing better than feeling your clothes get more and more loose.

    Have a fantastic time on your trips!

  5. Yay to the thigh gap! I hope you have a great trip :)
    All my support,
    <3 A Fragile Heart

  6. Sounds perfect. That's the best feeling ever.