Friday, June 22, 2012

Italian Initiative

Ciao! Oh my goodness ! It is so beautiful here!!!! I can't even believe i am actually in Italy. Everything here is just so perfect. It's like a dream. I am very excited also because i can feel pressure from analysis setting in again so losing is going to be so much easier. Also, we only eat three times each day and the food it so light and fearful that it satisfies you quicker so you eat less. Also we walk and move so much that i know Im shrinking. The food is all whole and so clean that feel so healthy. I read something about someone losing ten lbs in Italy so maybe it will happen for me too. Who knows? I have to go now but Ill try to update soon and answer my question i posted. Thank you for all of the responses :) I love you all <3


  1. Oh how exciting! I have heard the city is beautiful. Maybe one day I will have the balls to fly there.

    Yes, I noticed most cities overseas seem to have better eating habits and food than the us.

    You enjoy yourself to the fullest!

  2. ciao! Fabulous, have the best time. I have heard that italy is the best place to holiday! Good luck and have the most fabulous amazeballs time EVEr! Xo

  3. I bet it's beautiful! Enjoy the trip (and the food), healthy feeling is good ^^

  4. ahh im so so jealous! :) im glad your having a good time there! enjoy, and take a lot of pictures!