Friday, April 20, 2012

Umm... What Happened to Blogger

  I'm seriously confused with this new format that blogger decided to come out with today. I seriously reloaded my blog several times hoping that it would go away Haha. So, I'm on my period and feeling super bloated, and my abs still look amazing today after my workout yesterday. I can't believe that I have visible abs today. I tried to do another pullup workout last night, but I was so exhausted that I physically couldn't do it :) It makes me happy that I pushed myself to exhaustion last night. No quitting, no excuses. Oooh , by the way, there are some apps that you all need to get on your phone! Idk if they have them for the Iphone or not but I have an android. Look up Pull Ups pro, Push Ups pro, Sit Ups pro, and also look up Squats pro. The 4 aps are free and they should say like Pull Ups Your Personal Fitness Trainer and then it will say the same thing for the other aps but with squats, push ups, and then sit ups. The aps are amazing!! The first time you use it, you do a fitness test to see how many you can do of the exercise at one time. Then, the ap comes up with a daily workout plan for you. It's awesome! For the push up one, you put your phone on the floor and then each time you do a push up you have to touch your nose or chin to the phone so it counts your push ups. The training programs get you to be able to do 100 pushups in a row, 20 pullups, 200 sit ups, and 200 squats. It tracks your progress each day and also calories burned. The aps are easy to use and seriously fun and motivating. Please get them if you have a smart phone! They will help you to get in awesome shape for summer <3 


  1. i have a app and a livefit app on my blackberry, it is awesome!

    you look fucking hot now girl!!!! i want abs like that

  2. Dear Lord you have a perfect stomach...And you deserve it! Keep up the hard work girl :)
    All my support,
    <3 A Fragile Heart

  3. Oh Wow, so jealous of your abs right now. Dammnnn girl. Those sound like wonderful apps. I will have to download them later. And who doesn't have a smart phone these days =) Keep up the hard work lovely.

  4. Hearing that made me want an iphone :DD
    You rock girl!! Those abs are amazing, specially now that I'm just a junkie pile that hasn't done any workout in a week.


  5. Sunshine!!! Hii!!! It's Jane. Jane Pansy. I have come back to being an active blogger (gained 6 pounds) and just read your post. Wow! I can't believe your beautiful stomach! Congrats! You kno, I have those apps but have never used them, not even once. I'm inspired to start though. I neeeeeed to get back into a size 0. Lol!

  6. I heard there's remedies for bloating on your period. Try looking them up on google :) Good luck x

    I followed, support

  7. You are looking freaking amazing!! Defiantly my motivation for today!!
    Well done chicky :)

    Si xx