Sunday, April 1, 2012

I'm Proud of Me!

I had to go out to dinner with the family today , and everyone tells me that I need to order " real food" Apparently soup and salad is not a dinner. I had to order something " hearty" So fish and chips it was! Ugh. We were eating outside by the lake, so it was pretty dark and nobody could really see my plate.  I talked a lot and ate a little bit. Nobody even noticed!! :) I had 4 pieces of fish and only ate 1.75 pieces lol and only ate half the chips! My leftovers!!!                                                                                                                                                       So I had one clementine today (35) and about (350) from the fish and chips so todays total is 385ish. Not bad at all :).


  1. That's a fantastic intake! I've actually never had fish and chips. I know, I'm weird. Keep it up hun!

  2. I'm american and I've only had fish and chips at the renaissance fair(: but they were really good!
    Great job at not having to eat all that fat~

  3. Wow thats great will power! <3

  4. You're so strong, keep it up!

    Si xx