Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another Thought

I spent the night at my boyfriends house last night. This morning, we were playing around and I was trying to hold his arms down above his head. He easially lifted them up off of the bed even thought I was putting my full weight onto them. I was like " o ya I forgot you can bench press twice my weight" I weight 130lbs His response was " imagine if you weighed 100lbs! It would be so easy to pick you up!" I said " well then I'll drop down to 100lbs just for you!" We laughed about it but that little voice came into my head again telling me what a great idea that would be. Later today we were on the phone and I was telling him how my stomach was growling. He told me to eat something. I reminded him jokingly of how i said i was going to drop down to 100lbs. He then said " forget 100lbs, how about 90lbs, or even 80?" I can't even describe to you the appeal this has. Imagine, double digits...

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