Sunday, March 15, 2015

Hello All

Hey there...

Life has been a pain.
I'm sure you all understand that.

I have been hanging out at 123 lbs. for quite a while now
I want to be at 117
This is my goal for now.

I will post as soon as I can.
I will also add new pics.

How are you all?


  1. Hey Sug!! :)

    Girl you're so gorgeous!! Why would you wanna be 117!!

    I wish I could be flattered but I weigh 117... but I'm only 5'1'' so I'm totally a fat cow, but girl please!!??

    For your height my weight would be waaaay too skinny!! Geez!!! You are WAAAAAAAY passed perfect sweetie pie!! DON'T GET SKINNIER!!! YOU ARE WAAAAAAY passed perfect!!!!

    You don't wanna be "too skinny" do you???

    I love you!! You're perfect!! Girl maintain!! Don't you lose a lb more!!!

    1. If you ever need someone to talk to I'm free almost all the time!!! Hit me up GIrL!!!!! Much love!!

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  3. I'm 5'6 ... Not that it matters because I have only just begun.. again... but I am 5'6"

  4. When is life never not a pain? Good to hear from you again!