Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Question I Need Answered

I need opinions here people. and I will give my answer later.
The question is, 

"In your experience, are eating disorders a choice, or a disease?"

This question has been plaguing my mind lately...
Please leave comments below!



  1. they are a coping mechanism you chose because you don't have any other efficient ways of coping. they are addiction.

  2. Controversially, I think they are a choice that becomes a disease. If I had known then what I know now, I would never have started skipping meals. Simple behaviour, disastrous consequence. Xo

  3. I agree with Fat Piggy. My disorder stemmed from a simple diet that turned into an obsession. It became easy to not eat. I'm (mostl) recovered now, but struggling not to fall back.

  4. Ask anyone who has ever been in recovery and they will tell you it is a disease. You feel like you're in control, but try actually wanting to be in recovery and you're challenged with a trigger food. Its not good.

  5. It honestly depends on what you personally consider an eating disorder. In my experience it is a choice. It is a choice because I'm aware. I'm aware when I'm bigger than I wanna be and I, in the past, was completely able to restrict until I was as small as I wanted to be (88lbs). I was also smart enough, able enough, in control enough, to realize that I was too skinny. I am 5'1''. I started eating normal after that and was a healthy weight for a long time. (98lbs) I'm now in the process of "giving myself a temporary disorder."

    I say this because I don't think I ever had one. I think I have enough control to lose weight when I need to and know when to stop. I have never lost control of my eating habits when I cared to control them.

    So for me, it is a choice wholeheartedly and in my opinion and in my situation perfectly controlled and healthy.

    Much love to those who don't have control,

    Lu Lu

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  7. I would say it is a disease to choose a disease. Though I know that 'choose' isn't really the correct word for it... I sometimes have the feeling that you can't recognize what you're actually choosing - if you have an ED you seem to only see the 'good' things in it, i.e. that it can be a coping mechanism and stress relief. But that you can't see the negative effects is the sick part of it, what makes it a disease.

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