Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Progress Pics and a Fast, What Could be Better?

Hello All!!!

Sorry it's been so long since my last post, school has me by the throat right now.

I really don't have appropriate time for a proper post now, but I wanted to post these pics for you all , and announce that I'll be fasting Midnight tonight through Sunday at 8 AM, when I will weigh myself.
Does anyone wish to join me?
It is so much easier to have support through this :)

Progress: I can see my hip bones curving up and around the back now. Can you all see it too? :)
<3 Sunshine


  1. You're looking amazing!! If I would've caught your post earlier, I would have loved to join you! Do you Kik people who view your blog? If so I'd like to get in touch, having support you can talk to helps so much. Though I have to say it's getting easier and easier to just refuse food as the days go on.