Friday, June 21, 2013

So There's This Girl

She's on my gymnastics team and she's 13. We are so alike that it's crazy. I swear when talk to her, it's like I'm speaking with my self at that age. It's like a mirror to the past. I always wanted a little sister. She's outgoing, sweet, and a little nerdy. She always seems so happy... to everyone else. I recognize that forced smile. I know that dance around the questions. I know how to light a fire and leave everyone else to put it out while I run in the other direction. I knew she was hiding some pain, and I knew she needed someone to open up to. I want to be there for her like nobody ever was for me. We both never sleep. She cuts, I starve. We let everything out today. It's like we both hold each others deepest secrets. There's this deep bond between us now.If one of us goes down, we both go down. She told me she hasn't cut in about five months. I told her I only have problems with ana maybe once per month. 

I have a feeling that we're both lying.

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