Friday, April 5, 2013

An Added Twist

Hello hello hello! First of all, I would just like to say that I am writing this post to delay typing up my paper for English class. I am such a procrastinator. Anywho, I'm only weighing myself once a week so I don't go crazy, but my BF said something last night that kind of got to me. I was hanging around the living room last night wearing sweatpants and a sportsbra when he came up to hug me. He was running his hands down my sides and he was like, "you look skinnier or something, but it looks like your hips are pressed in. I remember your hip bones used to stick out more" I just smiled and told him it was because I've been building up more muscle and that's covering my hipbones. On the inside, I was on high alert! WTF!? You can't see my hipbones as much anymore? That's because they're covered in disgusting lard. Ugh... I hate myself. On that note, I'm going paleo for the SGD. I'm only allowed lean protein, fruit, veg, nuts,seeds, eggs, and healthy oils. Grains are seriously my worst enemy at the moment. I need to see my bones. I can't wait any longer. I'm tired of being a lard ass. It's so hard not to lose control at night... Any tips?


  1. meh. guys are clueless about these things. they never notice anything, and when they do they're totally missing the point. don't worry about it, you're making AMAZING progress and the last thing you need is a freak out that will make you go off track. keep strong. you are inspiration :)

  2. I often wonder if people know how damaging their mindless comments are and if they affect normal people in the same way. Maybe we are just hyper-vigilant. Either way, good luck with the paleo SGD. I did paleo for the detox I did back in feb and it was absolutely fucking fabulous. And you can eat quite a bit more but still not put on fat. It's quite fab. Anyway, good luck. Stay positive. Xo

  3. I wish you the best of luck with the SGD! I've heard a lot about Paleo and how it's really good for you (I want to try it some time). The great thing about it is that you eliminate all the stuff your body really doesn't need (for you, grains are your weakness; for me, sweets get to me!). I wish I had great advice on how not to lose control at night, but that's the time where it's the most difficult for me to not tear into the cereal!