Monday, May 2, 2011


Ok so I think I finally have everything updated. I notice that each week, less people seem to be sending in their stats. I'm not mad, I just need to get this all updated so send them into me if you haven't already! If I messed up on your stats or forgot to put them in let me know but commenting on this with your competition name and what I need to fix. Thank you!


  1. Yeah you didn't post my week 3 stats. I lost 1 lb, down to 125 lbs. Week 4 I lost .5 lbs, down to 124.5 lbs. Overall have lost 3.5 lbs.

  2. This week I'm at 144.4. Last week I was 145.4. (MH)

  3. unfortunately, i haven't kept track. is it okay if i leave out weeks 3 and 4? i actually think i emailed you week 3. it is an overall weight loss, so my progress for the two weeks just won't be recorded. i may have not even stepped on the scale oops hah.

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  5. Thanks for the comments :) I'm working on fixing stuff right now. Sorry if I forgot to post your stats or messed up on them
    and Zane, you are absolutely right. Just make sure you weigh in that last week lol

  6. I like those pictures! I love reading by the beach so the hammock one speaks to me.

    And those puppies are so darn adorable!



  7. first timer here
    I have put on 5lbs in 3 days... currently 116.
    GW 100lbs
    height 5ft5
    HW 160lbs